10 Best IOS Games Must Have

Playing the game by using handphone is now going to the best alternative as it can be mobile every where. Apple iphone is also considered as a good device to play the game. For you as the hyper-addictive gamer, probably you will need having the best game on your own hand, no need of using more cables and television, simply by using your smartphone. Recently you can have some very cool games from your iphone by using the iphone operating system, from the older to the most recent, iOS 10. best ios games Playing the game does not waste your time, unless if you make it worthed. Inside of giving you the actual entertainment, the game can challenge your brain, and then make a good cooperation and relationship with your game partner. You also can make a better friendship moment together by playing game. In some cases, playing game can be monetized as well. Game combine cartoons designs, movement, strategy, and also character on the game itself. There are also variety of game genre including sports, science, history, geography, art or entertainment.

Why We Love IOS Games

Apple's iOS 10 just released several months ago. Led by its release, there are also some cool games which are compatible with the recent iOS 10 you can download. The iOS 10 is the versatile gound for a wide variety of software and great mobile games across every genre. Many people love armed with strong graphics and responsive touch screens, the iphone and ipad can provide it for you. You also can play puzzle, a cool family game, and cool racing games from your iphone or ipod. Why we love iOS games? Because all are presented within cool graphic designs, as well as great comfort with speed when played.

10 Best Games For IOS

after-light-game We have compiled 10 best games you can download. The list of best iOS games are the most popular and most rated games which many iOS users download. Some are paid and some are free. You can have one and even all of it.

Shadowrun: Dragonfall

The shadowrun: dragonfall is the best game rpg, it is a high tech games which meets with the high fantasy. This game is a cyberpunk-themed rpg that's filled with cyborg elves and magic-wielding mega-corporations. Player rules as the shadowrunners, a highly skilled freelance operatives who specialize in black ops. It is a wonderful fantasy cyberpunk ambiance.

Zynga Poker

Do you love playing casion or poker? So it is the best iOS casino or dice game you can download from iOS. You can play this zynga poker game or texas with your friends, or random players worldwide, and enjoy this cool game anywhere. There are usually some game competition held for this game such as shootouts or sit-n-go. You need to collect your chips, so you can come back with the game in the net day. Surprisingly, extra chips available for real money as well.

FTL: Faster Than Light

If you are looking for the best iOS strategy game, you should try to download faster than light game. This game brings its brutally challenging space adventures to legions of gamers. In the game, you must outfight and escape a vast rebel armada as you protect the federation's last hope for victory. You rule as the captain of a federation starship. This game requires you the smart strategy in order to succeed your mission to fight off pirates and slavers, unravel strange mysteries, and many more.

Monument Valley

If you want to play a cool puzzle game on your iOS, you should try downloading monument valley because it is the best iOS puzzle game ever. It has beautiful set completed with music, and you find dreaming about monument valley yourself. The puzzle design is inspired of optical illusions and M.C. Escher prints. Playing this game will be very interesting, you can play by navigating the hidden passages and manipulate mechanisms that may require you to rotate the map to make sense of each puzzle.

Real Racing

If you love playing the game with racing, this type of game is very recommended. This is available for free. It provides the fantastic and exciting driving experience for you all to make you feel as if in the real open road. You drive the car across beautifully rendered racetracks , while having the best racing. You can set multiplayer mode on this game, and make yourself as if experienced a real great racing event.

Walking Dead

This is the best iOS adventure game you should have in your own iphone or ipod. This type of game is very adventurous, challenging, and also exciting. This is the award-winning game, which has been very popular in the app store. You can play walking dead season two from yourdevices, and then you role as clementine, an 11-year-old girl who has lived through the zombie apocalypse for well over a year when the new season begins. This game emphasizes the character of its zombies, that offers you fully difficult puzzles, which lead you having a emotional burden of decisions made.

Infinity Blade III

Infinity blade iii has been the most popular best action games for your iphone or ipod. This game provides third iteration and action-packed conclusion. You play as the fierce siris or stealthy isa, and then you take on the nefarious worker of secrets. Sounds very challenging, isn’t it? You will face some battle scene, filled with frenetic swipe-and-tap combat. This game needs your speed, concentration, as well as the real feel as if you were in a real kingdom who are in a war.

Hearthsone:  Heroes Of Warcraft

You need to install this game on your iphone, the hearthsone:  heroes of warcraft. This is the best card or board games which gives you so much find, and also the free and fair digital collectible card game that makes you want to play this game more and more. You play as a great heroes or usually called as villains, including thrall, jaina proudmoore or gul'dan. This game gives the epic scene, and great experience in obtaining super excited challenging game.

Heads Up

The heads up is another excellent game you can download for iphone and ipod. Heads up will provide you the good experience as the best family game in iOS. The game is sort of like charades, it is a fun game to play during the day. This game challenges you to guess as many words as possible from a themed deck of cards based on their friends' clues. You need to guess, think, and sometime laughing.

IOS 10 Games

Following the recent release and update of iOS 10 to public in September, there are so many apple iphone and ipode users who ask, whether those games are available and compatible with iOS 10 or not. To ensure this, you should try to check from your own device, search from the app store, and then you can find numerous lists of games you intend. I hope that the games are compatible with iOS 10. So you can enjoy playing it everyday.