3 Best City Building Games IOS

Playing the game will be the most interesting thing to do in every weekend or in our spare time. We can play it with lovely one such as friends partner, even with our parents. There are so many genre of game you can find in app store. It depends on your taste, as well as your interest. You should find the best game you can play everyday. How about city building games? Playing the best city building games iOS will be very exciting to do. You will love it especially the multiplayer game. When you face a boring time at home, simply open your iOS device and find various awesome games to download and play.

Here we have 4 list of best city building games iOS you should consider to download. Those are with very good review and rating. Make sure you have had the games in your iOS devices, like iphone and ipod, to be able to enjoy it everyday.

Pixel People


Are you looking for the best city building games for iOS with no cost a.k.a free? So the pixel people game is an excellent game you should have. This game is not strictly a city building game, this game is more about building replacement. This game is full of challenge, in which you will find the puzzle-esque free-to-play experience. The mechanics are missing, and it gives any special challenge and curiosity to finish the game as well as possible. You also play as the helper who cooperate with others to discover more citizens for your city. If you do this well, you get extra bonuses. Pixel people succeeds in providing the more fun to its player. What makes this game is excellent is that it is available in app store for free. The more points will mean more fun you get.

Sim City For Ios: A Word Of Caution


If you are a real gamer, you also need to try playing this game, sim city for iOS: a word of caution. This will be a super excellent game you can play everyday in your spare time, it is a cool building city game, challenging you to solve all the problems and fight with the enemy. However, there is the lacks of this game, such s lack of development and update from the ea. So, even you try updating this game from your iOS, it will not work, and ea seems doesn’t care. However, for this game freaker, it is no matter even they still play the game with lack of update within it.

G5’s Virtual City Series


Playing the g5’s virtual city series will give you the more joy and fun. Its developer even taken the tittle from the platform with lack of quality building titles. It is called as the virtual citty, but in the later it becomes the virtual city playground, especially for the ipad version. This game is free to play, this is a very good news to hear. Instead of free and costless, this city building game also has a very playful visual style and bright. Its vivid colors are very eye-catching, giving the more feeling of fun and entertainment to its player.

The original g5’s virtual city series is very cheap cost only $2,99, and $4,99 for the ipad version. You also can play its sequel namely virtual city 2: paradise resort. The games give the good touchscreen experience, for you making building in a busy city. There are elements of building the game. Moreover, this game allows you having more interactions.

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