3 Best IOS Board Games Should Play

Do you love spending time to play the game? Playing the game can help you to relax after facing a very tiring and stressful day. The game creators these days try to make various excellent games to give the more joy and excitement to its users. App store becomes one of the largest digital store where you can download various different types of applications, including games. You can enjoy playing many kinds of games from your home simply by using you iOS device. You might be so intense playing the best iOS board games.

Why should try playing best iOS board games? The board game itself give us sense and feel of renaissance. It has the rich look, concept, as well as remarkable designs to show off. On the other hands, playing it will be simple just by moving the box as the example. The board games can be downloaded in app store, some are free and some are paid, but almost are cheap. Playing board game from ipad or iphone could be the best way.

Pandemic: The Board Game


Have you ever heard about pandemic? It is another most popular board game you can download and play from your iOS devices. This game is paid, the price is $6.99. In this game, you can play solo or multiplayer (up to four players). You role as a figure who save the wold from the dangerous diseases. You work as a team, and then dividing the roles. When playing this game, you are required to be diligence and forethought, avoid being overwhelmed. You will fight with the cure epidemics to save the world. Unfortunately, there is no online play.

Galaxy Trucker


You need to find the best game with adventure and challenge, so you can consider for playing the galaxy trucker game. This game is sold at $7.99 in app store. In this game you play such n a space, and you will face any very bad pirates, meteors, the smugglers and many more. This ipad version is very impressive, and playing this game will be very fun and attractive.

Summoner Wars


The summoner wars is also another very recommended game you should download. This is as one of the best iOS board games you should have on your iOS device. This game provide you part abstract experience, part card game. It almost the chess-like in its precision. The game consists of two players, which taking control to the armies. The armies are represented by decks of cards. This game needs strategy, and will give you some challenge. This game base is free, but for additional factions, it is paid.

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