5 Best IOS Puzzle Games Review

Playing puzzle games is also the excellent thing to do in our spare time. Playing game these is not done by children only, adults also love playing game from their iOS device. When the boring time time like killing, one of the interesting thing is playing the game. The game can help you finding your mood again after the very tiring days you fight. If you are an iOS device users, you need to look for from the app store some cool games, like puzzle games. Playing puzzles remind us to the childhood moment, puzzle is a best classic game which seem timeless. Best iOS puzzle games now are provided in our phone, we only need to download and install it.

Triple Down

triple down

The triple down i a free game which is compatible with iOS and android device. This is as one of the best puzzle game you can play on your iOS device, on iphone or ipad. In this game, there is a building town by matching the houses and trees, to make bigger version than the pieces. This game gives everyone wonderful feel of joy, and very addictive.



How about threes? This game will also be the excellent puzzle game you can play on your iOS device. Beside, this game is also compatible for android and windows phone. For the base version, this game is free. This game has a very simple core, with slide numbered cards into one another to add them up, and also carrying on for it before you fill the on-screen board. This game is also very addictive. You always wanting to keep go, and try again.



How about framed game? This game is also offered at $2,99 in app store. This game will provide you so much fun with its cool game scene, as well as a jazzy soundtrack as the complement to perfect the action. Puzzle is not only swapping coloured objects on grid, this game tells us that it is about switching comic-strip panels to progress. This game will be compatible with iOS and android devices

The Room Two

the room two

The room two is another excellent puzzle games developed by fireproof studios. This briliant game will be addictive as well, and offered in cheap price. Many people say that it is a physical puzzler wrapped in a mystery game. You are challenged to solve the cryptic tale. The game is also completed with the top-notch graphics, as well as good design. This game can be downloaded on iOS and android device.

Best Fiends


Are you looking for another excellent puzzle game offered for free? So the best friends game will be a super cool game you can download on your iOS and android device. This game will challenge you to rush. You must match the things at the bottom. Meanwhile, you also must kill enemies at the top. The enemies such as from puzzle quest to puzzle & dragons are really challenging to kill. This game challenge your brain, and then will be addictive.

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