6 Best IOS Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends

The best multiplayer games will be very exciting to play together with your friends. Playing the game will be interesting and fun, you can play the game every time you get the spare time, and it will be such a beautiful moment with loved and close one. Now you also can play the game simply by using your iphone or ipad. It will be a super interesting thing to do, and of course can provide you every comfort

When it comes so confuse looking for the best iOS multiplayer games, you need to see the list of 6 best games for your iOS device. There are hundred best iOS multiplayer games you can find in app store, from paid to free game, from strategy game to war game.  Make sure you had the games on your iphone.

Asphalt 8: Airborne


Have you heard about asphalt 8: airborne? This game is as one of the best arcade racing game on iOS and other mobile platforms. This game will be very interesting to play with your friends, it features 56 high performance cars with 9 different race track settings. The race is offered in some different seasons, so it makes you get different feel of racing arena. It consist of real-time multiplayer mode with 8 opponents. In this game you also can maneuver through the air and perform stunts while driving.

Gun Bros


If you are a freak gamer, you also need to try downloading and playing gun bros game from your iphone or ipod. This game is like a the classical contra. You can play this game single or solo, but playing with friends will make this game feel the more interesting. This turns into the favorite game among iOS users, because everyone can play this online together. In the game, there is a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from, it has amazing interface.

Fruit Ninja HD


If you does not like game like war, fight or race, you can consider for this fruit ninja hd. This game is really addictive, but fully interesting to play. To play this game will be very easy, without any tricks and strategy needed. You only need to be creative, and play head-to-head with your friend without much learning curve. This is the awesome multiplayer game, in which you can challenge your friend who use the same device, and then anyone can jump in.

Worms 2: Armageddon


Do you want to play the game of fight? Worms 2: armageddon is as one of the best game you can play on pc, iphone and also from your ipod. This game has cartoon-style visuals, comical audio and improved control system. With its innovative innovative touch screen user interface, this game feel so amazed. You can play it single or multiplayer, and you need to face the endless enemy worms. You can meet the other players on the same device around the world.

Small World 2


Have you imagined as if you live in a small world? You need to consider playing small world 2 which give you sense of risk. This game is a sequel to the strategy board game. Fortunately it comes with the improved animations, better graphics, as well as the brand new musical scores. Now it supports online play, so you can play it with your friends and even with any strangers all over the world. This game allows up to 5 live opponents on a single device.

Monopoly HD


When i was a child, i liked playing monopoly with my friends. Now you can get it in you own iOS device both iphone and ipod. You can play it with your friends on a single device a. It looks similar like playing in the real board.


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